Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are an extremely complex area of law. Many people seem to think that the boundary between theirs and the neighbouring property runs in a straight line down the middle of the land. However, this mostly is not the case. If you are having problems relating to a boundary speak to our specialist surveyors.

Boundaries differ and vary over time. In a lot of cases the boundary may have started out as a straight line but over time may have moved slightly or changed direction due to the removal and replacement of the boundary, agreements between predecessors of property and various other factors.

Further difficulties arise when people rely on Land Registry plans. People seem to think that these plans are drawn to specification and rely on them to move the boundary wall/fence to where they believe is the correct position. In fact however the Land Registry plans are drawn generally and are not intended to determine boundaries. They are also drawn with thick lines separating the properties and therefore the boundary cannot be ascertained correctly. A width of a line on a plan can equate to several metres on the ground.

Most boundary disputes have to be resolved by the instruction of our experts who will consider the Title Deeds to the properties and various other indicators such as old photographs, witness evidence and the actual property to determine where they believe the boundary is.