Repair and Maintenance

Tom Green Surveying & Architectural Services Ltd team of surveyors work closely with freeholders and property managing agents.


We are able to carry out building pathology and identify defects, water ingress, roof condition, damp and condensation issues as well as all structural defects.

Once the defect has been discovered a detailed report is provided on the cause and recommendations are provided as how to cure the defect.

A detailed specification is produced for the repair works and issued with the Section 20 notices.

Tom Green Surveying & Architectural Services Ltd project manage the repairs from start to finish, ensuring that the best value for money and highest quality work is produced.


We received numerous instructions to assist with preventive and planned maintenance.

Our surveying team inspect the property and produce a condition report of the building, recording the maintenance items in an order of priority list.

The maintenance list is then compiled into a 5 or 10 year plan, with a budget per item and per year. These budgets allow managing agents, freeholders and leaseholders to be fully informed regarding works required, the planned period of these works and more importantly the likely costs involved.