What are the benefits of using a Surveyor?

It can take five years to become a Chartered Surveyor, and when you consider the degree of dedication required and the length of time it takes to gain the knowledge to become Chartered, they deservedly earn their status as the respected professionals in property and land surveying.

All surveyors should have completed a degree or course that is accredited by RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

RICS is the largest professional body of surveyors, and any surveyor must be a member to achieve chartered status. In addition to this, your surveyor must have completed a minimum of two years' practical experience before taking the APC exam and becoming fully qualified. A fully qualified chartered surveyor will be able to use the letters MRICS in their title.

When you are looking to buy a house, you are about to make the biggest investment decision of your life, and calling in a chartered surveyor means that you are getting a professional opinion on the condition and value of your proposed investment. As property experts, Surveyors are have experience with the local authorities, and they are well placed to advise you on valuations, the condition of a property, and they will also have access to services and information that you may not be able to uncover yourself, such as details of rights of way which could affect your property.

Local surveyors, especially chartered surveyors know all there is to know about property and land within their locality and for this reason you should always engage the services of a local chartered surveyor.

It’s true that a structural survey or building survey is not compulsory, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn't get this important job done.

The idea of putting all the money you can muster into an older house without a decent survey is unthinkable, and could end in tears. You won’t be looking for signs of subsidence, dry rot, rising damp, sagging roofs and bulging bricks, all of which cost a fortune to repair, and in most cases will involve remortgaging, so get the right advice from the outset and contact Tom Green Surveying & Architectural Services Ltd based in Poole, covering Dorset and Hampshire.

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