Introduction to Building Repairs

We are a registered RICS Building Surveying practice and have highly experienced chartered building surveyors.

Our team of in-house chartered surveyors have a wealth of knowledge and experience of all types of properties. Residential properties, both new and old including listed buildings. Commercial buildings ranging from a lock up shop to an industrial estate.

The identification and rectification of building defects is a service that we provide to a broad range of property owners.

We act for many managing agents, providing expert identification of the defect, specification of the repair and supervision of the remedial works.

As with most buildings, they require periodical maintenance and at Tom Green Surveying & Architectural Services Ltd, we can produce planned maintenance plans. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the continued preservation and future use of a building.

Investing in regular maintenance can reduce the need for costly repairs, protect the fabric of your building but most importantly, avoid that large cost associated with neglect.

It is often the case that buildings are maintained on an ad-hoc basis without the appropriate planning or management. This often results in “throwing good money after bad”. The answer is to prepare a pro-active Maintenance Plan, which enables all major expenditure to be planned, therefore enabling competitive quotations to be obtained well in advance, without the pressure of that urgent repair.

A Schedule of Condition will be produced identifying all defects in a formal report. Our team of professionally qualified Building Surveyors will provide repair and maintenance plans presented in an easy to read format, enabling the reader to gain an in depth understanding of the key issues.